SCAD x Deloitte
UX Design / Art Direction
*This project is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  Details of the process are therefore excluded.
The Challenge
The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is infamous in pop-culture for being a terrible experience. For this SCADPro collaboration, we partnered with Deloitte to reimagine the DMV experience. Working as a remote team across different cities, we conducted research to create robust solutions and present them in a manner fit for Deloitte to pass on to their clients.
My Role
I was the Art Director for this project, overseeing multiple aspects including the visual identity, design system, web and app design, presentation and motion media. I played an integral role in building the vision around which our solutions were implemented. I coordinated across different teams to ensure consistency in visuals and synthesized the research to produce implementable solutions embedded in real human needs.
The Outcome
We created a comprehensive website, mobile application, design system, vision video and process book including all the conducted research. I personally oversaw the visuals across all deliverables. I also played a key role in making the website usable including information architecture and userflows, and building consistency across different platforms.
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