Keep it Busy
Public Art / Typography
This project was featured in Communication Arts Magazine. Read the article here
The Challenge
This project was an exploration of the creative process in general and a discovery of my own personal creative process. The initial prompt of this project was to go on a dérive — an unplanned journey through an urban landscape. The purpose of the dérive was to find a location for creating an environmental poster that spoke to my experience.
The Outcome
On my walk, I came across the fence and it felt natural to use that as a grid. I forced myself to consider other options but I kept gravitating towards my initial idea of creating blackletter typography within that grid. The words ‘keep it busy’ came from a free-writing exercise. Although they were written in a specific personal context, I picked them out so that whoever came across the piece could make it their own. So it might offer them some inspiration and motivation to keep doing what they’re doing.
The next steps were to deconstruct that environmental poster and its process to create a digital print poster and a motion poster. The next two posters were inspired by my process and the painstaking time and effort it took to weave the ropes into the fence. The idea was to represent the busyness in the words as well as the form of the poster. The motion poster had the added dimension of time offering a unique opportunity for play. Each poster has a unique form and medium but is connected to the same idea and visual style.
This project was about seeing how an idea can be explored in different media. To take inspiration and generate multiple ideas, then converge on what worked or felt right. It was about becoming more comfortable with creative freedom, something we as designers both dread and crave.

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