Heisenberg Chronicle
Graphic Design / Typography
The Challenge
This was an experimental typography project. The brief was to choose a persona, real or fictional, and make typography related to it. We conducted a series of typographic experiments relating to the themes of the characters and designed a newspaper with the outcomes.
The Idea
I chose to work with Walter White from Breaking Bad, the TV series. Walter White was a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher who transforms into a ruthless drug kingpin as the story progresses. I have always found this transformation fascinating with its themes of power, masculinity, love and family. Following this thread of fascination, I researched the character extensively and brainstormed numerous ideas for typographic exploration. The outcomes you see are the results of these experiments combined with experimental layout design.
The Outcome
Each spread of the newspaper represents a unique typography experiment. From playing with sand and stretching underwear to playing with fire and acid. This opportunity to create wonder and unpredictability came from choosing to leave the computer and let nature surprise me during the process. For each outcome, I did not know what exactly the result was going to be. This truly was using ‘play’ to create beautiful design.
This project was a 10-week process with extensive experiments. To really get a sense of what happened across these 10 weeks, I highly recommend checking out the process book.
Download the full process book
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