Guava App
UX Design
The Challenge
Follow the design thinking process end-to-end to create a mobile app. We were a team of four people with each person taking the lead in different steps of the process. I took the lead in prototyping. The process consisted of a research phase where we explored the problem. The next step was defining the scope of the problem, ideation and implementation of our solutions.
The Idea
Consumers often do not know proper produce selection practices and struggle to explore produce beyond the scope of what is already known to them. We decided to build a produce shopping assistant that provides tailored produce selection and practices. The goal of this app is to give users a simple, accessible way to select produce while  promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
We conducted research in the form of literature review, ethnographic observation, surveys, and interviews. We analyzed the research to inform our personas, journey maps, and empathy maps. (Details of the research can be found in the full process book).
User Journey Map
User Journey Map
Information Architecture
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