The Challenge
The purpose of this project was to combine research and design to create an event that utilises both a physical and virtual environment.
The Idea
Blank is an international public art festival which travels across different cities. Through physical and virtual collaborative art projects between the artist and the public, we aim to make art more approachable for people of all ages.
Tone of Voice
Logo — The Blank Canvas
The face of our identity, the blank logo is based on the idea of a blank canvas. Our dynamic logo represents the possibilities of creation and serves as a medium for displaying our imagery (which consists of artworks by the public as well as professional artists).
Color Palette— Blanck and White with a Splash of Color
Our color palette is simple. The white represents our idea of the blank canvas. The black represents our brand communication, what we want to say to our audience. The splash of color represents the people’s voice. We use colors from artworks of amateurs and professionals to build our secondary color palette.
Like most of our elements, our typography is based on the idea of the blank canvas. Our type is discreet, leaving more room for the imagery and artwork to shine. There is just enough personality to remain recognizable while allowing the content to shine.
The imagery is an integral part of the blank identity. The imagery is what brings life and color to the blank canvas. It consists of artworks by the public as well as professional artists.
All the decisions were informed by research in the form of interviews, surveys and a cultural probe exercise. The final deliverables of the project consisted of building brand guidelines for the event, defining the in-person and virtual experience, and designing collateral for the event.
Download full process book here
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