Chatbot / UX Design
The Challenge
Design and prototype an AI Chatbot. What’s the name? How does it speak? How does it look? What does it say? How does it behave? What purpose does it hold?
The Idea
Born out of a desire to bring the warmth and laughter that only comes from talking to grandma, Bibi was created. This adorable and eccentric grandma chatbot brings humor and fun to those who welcome her into their lives. Bibi’s for the young-at-heart (13+) who loves cartoons and is just looking for a good laugh. Sometimes she’s not the most appropriate and can even surprise you. Her fun-loving advice isn’t something to be followed but is sure to brighten someone’s day!
The Character
Each facet of Bibi’s personality makes chatting with her an unforgettable experience.
Bibi’s warmth and kind hearted nature is why we adore her so much.
Bibi may have been around the block or two, but her wisdom speaks volumes.
Her sense of humor is sometimes all over the place… but she’s sure to give you a good laugh.
Bibi’s not your typical grandma and may throw in some surprises along the way.
Bibi’s lovey, dovey character means more pet names and hugs than you could ask for.
Bibi sometimes wears her emotions on her sleeve and can have a bit of an edge.
Visual Language
Each aspect of the visual language are informed by Bibi’s personality. The logo, colors, and patterns are curated carefully to create the feeling of visiting grandma’s house. The typography balances being whimsical, yet functional and readable.
Color Palette
The Outcome
The final Bibi experience consists of designing the app as well as constructing the conversation with Bibi. The app design is simple, with a focus on the conversation. You can choose between typing or speaking. The disappearing messages keep the conversation ephemeral and whimsical. The script is written according to Bibi’s personality and offers a guide for constructing the AI chatbot.
User Experience
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