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Towellers Website

Website Design for Legacy Textile Manufacturers

The Challenge

Redesigning a website for textile exporters to reflect a fresh outlook while also highlighting their legacy and story.

Towellers is a leader in textile production in Pakistan with exports of over $55 Million. It is the only female-led textile manufacturing company of Pakistan. Towellers approached us to redesign their website to reflect a fresh outlook while keeping their legacy and story intact. They wanted us to create a timeless website with a combination of strategy, visual and verbal storytelling. A website that would appeal to a contemporary audience and could also be used as a portfolio to meet clients internationally and locally. While designing, we also had to follow very particular guidelines from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to satisfy legal requirements for a public company.

Previous Website

The Process

Our goal was to achieve a synergy between visuals and content to do justice to the story behind Towellers. We started off with presenting multiple approaches and ideas to the client to see what they and their existing brand resonated with. Once we had finalized an approach for the visual language, we started building a sitemap and wireframing the website.

The prior structure of the website was very broad. With 10+ options in the top navigation, it was confusing for the user due to too many choices. We narrowed it down to 7 for a more streamlined experience.

The visual design of each page aimed to strike a balance between the existing brand and its future vision. To execute this, we had a deep focus on the photography and videography of the products as well the facilities of our client. We also had a special focus on the micro-interactions so that they were embedded in the storytelling. This manifested itself in the thread that guides you through the experience.

The Result

The outcome of our efforts was a website that did justice to the quality, legacy, and scale of Towellers. After developing a deep understanding of the existing brand, the business goals, and the best attributes of the organization, we built a website that put all of these to the forefront. This is what our client had to say:

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