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Self Expression for the Pakistani Youth

The Challenge

I founded Pin’d alongside two partners, with the purpose of providing desi youth a way to express themselves. As the Creative Director, I was responsible for the ideation and design of the product and branding as well as making business development decisions. Alongside the creative challenges it brought, Pin’d has provided me first hand experience in running a business.

The Process

Whenever I felt stuck, Pin’d was a way to jumpstart my creative juices in a space that was my own. I ideated with my partners using our everyday experiences for inspiration. My untimely hunger pangs led to ‘Bhook lagi hai’, our desire to not let little worries bother us led to ‘Sanu Key’, and when we were done with all of these, we threw in our favorite childhood snacks, ‘Pakola’ and ‘Top pops’. The rest of my process was pretty simple, sketching, designing, and sending over files to the vendor.

The Result

We grew Pin’d to a revenue of over 1 million rupees and expanded our product offerings to include enamel pins, earrings, and keychains. We offered our products online and in merchandise stores across Pakistan. We also offered custom pins to various clients and collaborated with Pakistani designers and pop culture icons. For more on Pin’d, check out our instagram.

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