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Neem Branding

Branding for an Embedded Finance Platform

The Challenge

Redesign branding for an embedded finance platform while preserving the existing ethos of the brand

Neem approached me to redesign their branding in line with contemporary trends. Their current logo was not scalable and had outdated type choice.

The Process


The client was very involved and clear on what personality and values they wanted their brand to reflect

Competitive Analysis

I compared the current neem logo to existing brands in the local and international market. The logo gave seemed aged (with its complexity and serif typeface) compared to other brands and seemed to be in dire need of simplification.

Type Study

I set out to choose a typeface for the logo. Instead of choosing a font right out of memory, I like to explore the logotype in various typeface options before shortlisting. It helps me visualise the text in various personalities and make sure it matches client needs

Color Study

Similar to the type study, I conduct a color study to consider various options. For this project, the client wanted to incorporate green in their brand inspired by the neem tree. I wanted to make sure we did a wide exploration of the possibilities of green before picking one approach

Logo Sketches

I came up with multiple ways to play with the leaf shape. I first played around on paper and pencil before creating more refined vector shapes. I shortlisted four options with the client and picked the final logo out of these.

The Result

Once I had the descriptors, typography, color palette, and logo finalized, I had the basic foundations of the brand in place. From these, I derived unique brand elements, shapes and patterns.

I combined all of these elements in a comprehensive and refined brand manual with brand attributes, logo, logo usage, typography, color palette, imagery, iconography, and visual elements.

I also designed merchandise for internal branding like hoodies, caps, t-shirts, bottle, bookmark, and a plantable eco greeting card.

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