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Kisaan Website

Website Design for an Agri-tech Company

The Challenge

Kisaan wanted us to redesign their website to cater to a variety of users including potential partners, investors, and farmers

Kisaan is a platform that uses real-time data to assist farmers in their farming practices and livestock management. By leveraging data, Kisaan aims to enhance agricultural practices and improve the overall productivity and profitability of farming operations. Being a startup, they wanted us to design a website that appealed to partners, investors, and their end users: the farmers.

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The Process

We started the redesign exercise with a design sprint. We conducted a ‘Think, Feel, Do’ exercise with key stakeholders and subject matter experts. We defined our users and prioritised information according to each user. We found that the farmer was a secondary user of the website since most are not technologically proficient. We pivoted our direction to primarily cater to potential partners and investors.The design sprint helped us define key goals and principles upon which to design the website.


The website should focus on the social benefit of Kisaan, showing how Kisaan uplifts the farmer

The website should build credibility through data that kisaan knows the farmers painpoints and are on track to solve these problems

The website should clearly and comprehensively explain what kisaan does

The website should show an optimistic view of the future of agriculture in Pakistan


The website should inform, engage and motivate users to take action

Contact kisaan team in a live chat or through contact form

Link to partner portal in a manner that is cohesive with overall system

Find and apply for a job

Donors should be able to learn how to donate

Become a partner / member


We should stand out from the crowd through distinct content, layout and visuals

We should invoke excitement through vibrant imagery to inspire our audience

We should use content that is humble and culturally relevant in order to be relatable to the audience

We should use simple, world class design with a focus on the kisaan branding and give an impression of a global company

Based on these key principles, I made rough wireframe sketches to gather feedback and ensure we were successfully addressing the findings of our design sprint. Once we iterated and got these approved, I jumped right in with design. We had conducted a photoshoot prior to the website design to ensure we had a repository of high quality imagery.

The Result

The Kisaan website reflects the success of the organization and estabilish the brand as a key agritech player in the Pakistani ecosystem. The website shows live statistics of kisaan operations, as well as current partners. We conducted a comprehensive photoshoot in order to ensure we had real on ground imagery of the land, farmers, and animals. This estabilished credibility of the on ground operations for those who could not visit each site.

After the release of the webiste, Kisaan has estabilished 10+ more partnerships in the region and has expanded to 4 more sites in Punjab.

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