The power to influence people, build businesses, make lives better, and to solve the seemingly unsolvable.

I am currently pursuing my MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During my studies, I have refined my creative process to consistently create good work and approach each unique problem with confidence. I am equally equipped to solve aesthetic and functional design problems. Getting the chance to work as an Art Director on a project with Deloitte, I have learned how to lead a creative team and collaborate across diverse teams to solve real-life design problems.

My undergraduate degree is in Management Science which informs my creative process by bringing a pragmatic approach to my work and helps me have a holistic view of things. I have previously worked in UX as well as advertising. I briefly worked with BBDO Pakistan serving clients including Pepsi.

I am currently on the lookout for opportunities in UX Design. I want to use my skills to build products that make lives better.